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About RMAP

Rumley Music and Audio Production was founded in 2007 by owner/engineer Daniel Rumley.  It has since become one of the most respected classical recording businesses on the west coast, serving the majority of professional level ensembles and presenters in the San Diego region. We do, however, serve many high school and middle school choir, band, orchestra, and drama departments.  RMAP does not discriminate based on student, amateur, or professional status of clientele, and will always provide a product of unmatched quality.  We believe in developing close and long-lasting relationships with our clients that are based on mutual success and institutional growth.  As the majority of our business is repeat business, client satisfaction is our highest priority. 

About Daniel Rumley

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2013 Photo credit: Beth Ross-Buckley

Owner and engineer Daniel Rumley graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in music composition. He is a veteran of hundreds of location recordings, complimented by a background in piano and trumpet performance, as well as experience teaching music theory and composition, and eight years in live event production management. Daniel also was the production manager and an announcer at San Diego’s last classical music radio station, XLNC1, and his knowledge of the repertoire and related discography is extensive. His passion for audio recording began in college while working in orchestral and chamber music production, and for the past two decades, the study and practice of acoustic recording has been his main musical focus.