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For RMAP, the proof of our quality is readily available, and we would suggest heading over to the samples page, or directly contacting some of our clients for their opinions, which is worth more than any sales pitch.

Rather than list every item available, this will provide an overview of the quality of the products we use, if just to reassure. All of our equipment is hand-picked and designed for the niche use of acoustic music recording on location. That means clean, detailed, dynamic, and transparent. The microphones include such high-end brands as AEA, Josephson, Neumann, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sony, and DPA. The preamps and conversion from DAV, RME, Sound Devices, Merging Technologies, Cranbourne Audio, and others. This means the sonic quality is equal to the best you will find anywhere. RMAP works with absolutely no cheap "overseas"-built microphones or recording devices that may degrade the fine quality of work we do.

More important than the equipment, a potential client should ask whether the engineer has the knowledge and experience in the techniques required for accurate pickup of ensembles and acoustic instruments. In today’s modern studio environment, that is actually rather difficult to find. In addition, and as tradition dictates, a classical engineer should also have a degree in music, the ability to read and transpose complex scores, the ability communicate with professional musicians in the language they will understand, and be a capable musician in his/her own right.