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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you do CD recordings, or just live concerts?

A: CD, or other album recordings are absolutely available. We specialize in on-location recording, not just live concert recording. There are many benefits to hiring RMAP for your next CD project. We have higher quality microphones and purpose-built equipment than can be found in the local “pop” music recording studios, not to mention the knowledge and experience to provide a far superior recording for acoustic music.

Q: Do you offer discounts to non-profits?

A: All of our clients are invariably non-profit organizations, schools, and individuals. Our fees are based on many years of consideration and market affordability in the area. Discounts may be given for multiple concerts on the same day or subsequent days that do not require multiple setups.

Q: Do you provide still photography?

A: No. RMAP does not have a still photography service. Our cameras are designed for video use. Stills extracted from video may be available if requested ahead of time. (Camera setting may need to be adjusted for clear stills).

Q: Do you provide live sound reinforcement?

A: Yes, limited, but good quality. 2x 2000 Watt QSC K12.2 speakers, 1x 1000 Watt QSC CP8 speaker, 24 channel Soundcraft U24R mixer with effects, feedback suppression, and wireless control, 1x Shure Beta87a wireless microphone, 1x Sennheiser D1 wireless lav microphone system. An extra fee will apply if requesting live sound support for concert recordings.

Q: Do you need to use any existing equipment on location? Mixers, stands, cables, microphones, live sound system, etc.

A: For the most part, we are completely self-contained and recommend using as little outside equipment as possible. Our equipment is likely higher quality and we are able to control the conditions of the recording better without outside interference. However, there may be some situations, such as theatre shows or musicals, that may already employ many channels of wireless lavs, handhelds, or headset microphones. In those cases, we may ask the house to send us a limited feed of those microphones to mix in with our acoustic recording.

Q: Can you fix performance mistakes in editing of a live concert?

A: It is possible in many circumstances to correct player mistakes, as long as the proper material to replace it with is available. If you know editing will be desired, multiple performances should be recorded or at least a dress rehearsal.

Q: Can you fix performance mistakes in my college audition video?

A: Colleges request video submissions now rather than audio submissions. This is because of the previous era’s problem of rampant cheating in college audition tapes. As digital editing became mainstream, a student would submit a flawless performance on tape, yet would be unable to perform during the live auditions. No editing should be done on college or music camp applications. We recommend performing the selections a maximum of three times and choosing the best performance of the three. All audition tapes will have slight performance flaws, the judges expect it and want to see how the student reacts when it happens.

Q: How will my product be delivered?

A: We deliver media via Dropbox download links. A Youtube upload to the Rumley Music and Audio Production channel may be available by request for institutions without their own channel. This link will be unlisted by default or public if requested.

Q: Can you burn DVD’s of our performance?

A: We cannot. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your view, the era of the DVD is long past. Many households do not even own a player anymore, favoring streaming services and portable device viewing. In addition, the resolution of a menu-based DVD (720 pixels x 480 pixels) is considered archaic and low resolution, and has been long surpassed by the standard FHD 1920x1080 and UHD 3840x2160 resolutions. We deliver all video content in FHD 1080p resolution unless otherwise requested. As a result, RMAP has discontinued video media distribution on disks. Content will be available via download link, and/or Youtube playlist.

Q: How long will it take you to deliver my product?

A: Depending on work load, the product may be delivered within 2-5 days for live audio recordings, or 1-2 weeks for video recordings. Overnight service may be requested on live concert audio recordings or audition materials only.

Q: Do you have a recording studio?

A: Our post-production and edit studio is sound controlled, and can be used for recording 1 to 3 musicians. A Yamaha upright piano is available for audition recording accompaniment.

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